Cyber ethics within today’s society has become a very important topic that surrounds us every day. We deal with technology and the cyber world in many aspects of our lives including school, jobs, social or personal lives. It is important to understand many of the issues the can arise within this world and the effects it can have on you and the people around you.

Many social issues within the cyber world arise through the use of social media. Often times people will use the social media platform to explain a viewpoint, however it is sometimes taken too far where they may use this platform to disrespect others. This obviously causes many issues for one’s social life and the person they are affecting. A practice that is beneficial is to keep personal lives and work lives separate when using social media (Cheung, 2016). This helps to avoid issues within the workplace. This includes not posting on social media about your employer, your company, competitors or the job field itself. These issues can cause problems that can potentially put your job at risk (Cheung, 2016). To avoid most social issues within the cyber world anything that is going to be posted should be proofread and deeply thought about before it is out online. 

Annotated BibliographyEdit

Cheung, Johnson Chun-Sing. (2016, April). Confronting the Challenges in Using Social Network Sites for Cyber Youth Work. p. 171-173.

  • Dr. Cheung Chun-Sing Johnson is a professor at the University of Hong Kong in China. Dr. Johnson teaches mostly about social work and youth. He was also involved in social work, youth and the community in his time before becoming a professor.

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